About Aktion Kindertraum

Aktion Kindertraum fulfils dearest wishes!

For children and young people who are ill, fatally ill, handicapped, suffering, who are orphans or socially weak or underprivileged. A dearest wish can be:

  • Meeting one's favourite star
  • A long-awaited toy
  • A holiday with the family
  • Meeting one's favorite animal
  • A special therapy, Therapeutic means such as a special bike or computer.

Examples of dearest wishes fulfilled can be found here.

Aktion Kindertraum helps children!

We help children and young people in emergency situations brought about by a disease, an accident, a catastrophe or a crisis, by social hardship, violence, rape and exploitation.
This is where we want to help as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible, above all if the state or aid agencies for children cannot help.

Aktion Kindertraum informs the public

By presenting the fates of underprivileged children and young people we try to initiate a wave of helpfulness and solidarity. This is done through the print media, radio and TV reports, events, information stands, circulars and through the internet homepage.

How does Aktion Kindertraum work?

After having received a wish we check with the doctors, parents and other people looking after the child if the wish can be fulfilled. Only when this is guaranteed is the child involved.
Since joyful anticipation gives hope that may be vital.

When can a wish be fulfilled?

The fulfilment of the wish must be suitable considering the state of health of the child. It must not exceed what is possible for Aktion Kindertraum as regards money and organization.

Criteria of fulfillment of a wish:

The wish must be genuine and necessary from a medical point of view The children and young people must be really disadvantaged either by disease, a stroke of fate or by social hardship.
The fulfilment of the wish should have a positive effect on the child.
The parents or other members of the family cannot manage to fulfill the wish on their own.

What does the fulfillment of a wish cost?

The costs vary as much as the wishes. They may range from a few euros up to 10.000 euros in certain cases. In order to ensure that the fulfilment of the wish is free from stress for the child and its parents the member(s) of family may accompany the child at the cost of Aktion Kindertraum where this is justified. This includes the costs for travelling, accommodation, and meals.

How is Aktion Kindertraum financed?

Financing wishes is as follows:

  • Donations and sponsors
  • Legacy
  • Benefit events

Who does Aktion Kindertraum cooperate with?

We cooperate with individual persons (parents, pedagogues, doctors…) as well as with associations, initiatives, public institutions.


Aktion Kindertraum
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